Thursday, December 17

Mom, me and Dad at Chimy's before Carol of Lights. Shiner, Chimy'smargaritas and hot chocolate with rumplemintz is NOT a good combo. Especially for a WEdnesday night.

Paddy and the cucumber (pickle) ornament. P sayd "Let me tell you something, Cucumber."
Feeding the camel at the Science Spectrum.

Decorating Ginderbread cookies at the Science Spectrum.

Granpda's 90th birthday. Yes, Patrick wore that mask ALL DAY! He was The Dread Pirate Roberts.

Me and Josh in Austin
Me and Chrissy watching the Tech OU game in Austin

Mr. Muscles

Paddy as Buddy Holly for Sock Hop day at Murfee

Wolverine for Halloween

Tech vs. Kansas

Walking across campus post-Kansas game

the day when Patrick did his own hair

P with his medal from flag football

Monday, October 26

Uh. . . first post since August. . . sorry

TTUs first football game
Sleeping and quiet angel

f;ag football and pumpkins - does Fall get any better?

Lovin' my little Black Tiger

Tuesday, August 25

First day of Kindergarten at Murfee

I took a picture in the same spot 29 years ago. Go MURFEE MOUNTAIN LIONS!
Doodah and the special SPACE blanket she made him for kindergarten nap time. I'm so jealous of naptime!

We love our RED RAIDERS!

The annual TTU Football Autograph night is one of our favorite events to attend together! GO RAIDERS!

Wednesday, July 29

B's Birthday and Josh's Graduation weekend in Austin

Pool time tickles
Mom and me enjoying some sun and drinks
Paddy giving Papa J a run for his money in the pool. "Do it again, Papa J!" We heard that for hours!!
Josh, Me and Meghan at the Hula Hut celebrating my #34
Me and Michelle at the Hula Hut - I didn't want to leave!
Josh getting pinned at his graduation ceremony
Big Trouble & Little Trouble

Thursday, July 16

Is it just me?

Is it just me, or do J and Paddy look scarily alike??!! Well, other than the fact that my son has regular haircuts. (ha ha That was for Mom!)
Josh first day of kindergarten
Paddy last day of kindergarten

P with cousins Em & B
J's 1st grade picture

Monday, July 13

Craft time!

I bought stone making kits for me, mom and Paddy for Mother's Day. We finally got around to making them yesterday. They are about $12 at Michael's. It was a fun family craft time for us. Selecting stones & creating teh design.
My design for the east Herb plot.
Paddy's rocket design
Doodah's design with Paddy's handprint. He wasn't so sure about putting his hand in the cement. I was kidding with him afterwards that he was lucky it didn't get stuck. (I'm so awful!)
One last picture from archeology day - P excavating.