Thursday, January 10

23 minutes - new record for me

On Wednesday evenings, I am participating in an hour-long Trekking class at Premier. It's a group treadmill class where we alternate walking, speed walking, jogging, running and sprinting. I have NEVER let me emphasize NEVER been a runner. But last night I ran for every second of the 23 minutes we were supposed to run. Eric was the first person I called to tell him about my feat since he's the biggest runner I know. Well, I called my Dad first, but he didn't answer. Now I know I can do this. Burn fat cells, BURN!


Jennifer Adling said...

Good girl....that is really going to help!

I am not good at running either but it DOES make the difference!

Kim said...

That's awesome girl! Feels good I know and a great stress reliever, Good job!