Thursday, January 24

Josh update

I don't know who all I've told that Josh moved to Austin and is going to culinary school. He has been sharing all sorts of stuff he's been learning. Pretty interesting stuff. . . like did you know "sushi grade fish" means that it has to be frozen 24 hours before it's served raw? He's doing really well and we're all really proud of him.

from their website. . . Texas Culinary Academy and their Le Cordon Bleu program are located in Austin, Texas. The large and modern facility offers students a supportive environment to develop their creative culinary skills within the curriculum of the famous Le Cordon Bleu program.
Programs: The Academy's curriculum combines classical French cuisine with the inventiveness and innovations of American culinary arts. Our accelerated 15-month program takes you beyond just theory and practice and into the important world of hands-on experience. Students are introduced to over two-dozen foreign cuisines from many different cultures.

He is "volunteering" for Hudson's on the Bend 2 nights a week. It's a really nice restaurant on Lake Travis. their menu is really creative. They have a very small staff and don't have any kitchen positions, so he is just volunteering to learn and to show the chef his desire to really work there.

He is working at Truluck's to actually pay the bills. Last night was his first night actually working and he expo'd - which meant he trayed up the food to get it ready to go out to the tables. He said he really enjoyed it and could do just that. He's excited to spend time in the kitchen.


Jennifer Adling said...

Trulucks is good...

We'll have to get Josh to cook next time he is here..

Kenda said...

Oh, the days of expoing at Jazz...brings back memories. Good luck to Josh!