Tuesday, January 8

Hotties update

It's been a year since I've shared "my list," and there have been some updates.
I think I've decided to ditch Matthew Mc C for GEORGE EADS! Hello - bring this guy back to Raiderland! Yes, ladies, he's a Red Raider. I saw his birthday on one website and it was he was 41. I don't buy that. I keep trying to get my "science friends" to bring him in to endorse our TTU/HHMI Traveling Labs. I'm thinking if I'm persistent enough, it just might happen. HOW can you resist this smile????

I've always had a thing for John Corbett,too. Ever since Northern Exposure. I really like his long tresses, too.

George Clooney is still on the list. Always will be. Whats' up with that - 2 Georges. Hmm. . .


Jennifer Adling said...

I think these are good improvements!

Kendra said...

I like that george guy too, hes the reason I started watching CSI....hottie!!

Kim said...

ohhh lala, the 2nd photo sold me on this guy....cutie pie!!