Thursday, January 17

Patrick's new room

Santa Claus surprised Patrick with a new BIG BOY BED and baseball stuff for his room. He's yet to sleep in it though. Since Paul's been gone, P has been sleeping with me because according to Patrick, "someone needed to sleep in Daddy's place." See how good he takes care of me? We are slowly moving towards sleeping in his bed. He says he is scared of the dark, even though Santa brought Spiderman sheets so that Spiderman can protect him. Last week he moved from my bed to a palate on my floor. Next week we are going to alternate between him sleeping on my floor and me sleeping on his. Back to the room. . . I love that the bed has an underdresser! We've been able to move a lot of his toys to there. I had the 2 Tech baseball jerseys - I got them when I worked in Athletics - and we just hung them on dowel rods. He LOVES to jump off his bed and walk along the sides with the help of the rail. Ah, boys. You can't see them, but I also hung glow-in-the-dark stars among the stenciled star border.

I painted the drawers and doors on his baby changing table and Mom found baseball knobs. The red and black wall hanging is a baby quilt my grandma made for Patrick as a baby gift. It has Tech fabric that she special ordered for him. And it's what we brought him home from the hospital in. I needed something to put on that wall and when I found it with all his other baby blankets, I KNEW it had to be hung up. Patrick is also sleeping on a quilt she gave me on his palate in my room. I told him that since he was sleeping on it Great-Grandma would be watching over him and sending him sweet dreams.
We found this gigantic baseball diamond rug online. Patrick likes to play baseball with his Ninja Turtles and have them run the bases. It's almost as big as his room. We also got a rug in the shape of a baseball that I didn't take a picture of. Say a prayer that Patrick eventually sleeps in his bed in his room.

More on my new room next week. My parents are helping me paint my bedroom this weekend. YELLOW! Happy, sunshiny YELLOW! I am totally taking advantage of weekends when Patrick is with Paul!


Jennifer Adling said...

It looks great...I can tell how much work you put into it....

Jennifer Adling said...
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Kenda said... the rug. You DID put a lot of work in this room. Great job. Bet he loves it.